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History throws up many a great event in the political, social, religious, economic, industrial and educational fields and every event gives birth to a leader and an endearing personality. The advent of Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Pharmacy, popularly known as MIDP, Gondia, has been a memorable event and that too as a crowning glory in a chain of great events in the district of Bhandara.

A few resurgent people led by late Mr. Manoharbhai Patel, a wealthy and well known businessman and a philanthropist, came forward to set up the second school in Gondia town in the district with help coming from his friends. It was in that period the concept of Gondia Education Society was mooted and later the Society came into existenceThe results were path breaking. But, late Manoharbhai was not fully satisfied. What made him to move further was that in spite of this enviable achievement there was no college for higher education in the Bhandara district. It was again late Shri Manoharbhai Patel leading in the front to gather support for establishing the first college in Gondia. With the help and cooperation of his trusted colleagues the first college was started with a skeleton staff in a warehouse provided by Manoharbhai's close friend and associate late Shri. C.J. Patel.

One great act that would speak volumes as to how much late Manoharbhai and his friends were devoted to the noble cause they all espoused and assiduously pursued was transferring all educational institutions founded by Gondia Education Society to the local Zilla Parishad (District Council). It required a grand vision to think in terms of setting a grand and a glorious precedent in public service.

A dreamer never stops dreaming and Late Manoharbhai Patel was a dreamer par excellence. He was still restless as something still made him to feel not fully content with his enormous feats. This was attributed to his earnest desire, a longing of his heart, he often expressed to his colleagues and son. The Society was formed by Late Shri Manoharbhai Patel to improve the level of education in the district of Bhandara in Maharhastra. The objective being the overall development of the personality of an individual. To this end , the NMD College of Arts and Commerce was established.

  • 1963- D.B.Science College.
  • 1963- P.P.College of Education.
  • 1964- J.M.Patel College of Arts and Commerce, Bhandara.
  • 1966- Junior College of Education for D.Ed, Gondia.
  • 1966- C.J.Patel College of Arts & Commerce, Tirora.
  • 1968- M.B.Patel College of Arts and Commerce, Sakoli.
  • 1970- S.N.T.College of Arts and Commerce at Ramtek in Nagpur District.
  • 1970- S.S.Girls College offering a Post Graduate Degree in Home Economics.
  • 1981- J.M.Patel College, Bhandara, started a faculty of Science.
  • 1983- Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Engineering & Technology, Gondia.
  • 1990- M.B.Patel College of Arts & Commerce, Deori.
  • 1992- N.J.Patel College of Arts & Commerce, Mohadi.
  • 1994- M.B.Patel College of Arts & Commerce, Salekasa.
  • 1995- Smt. R.M.Patel Girls College of Arts, Bhandara.
  • 1997- M.B.Patel Institute of Pharmacy (Diploma), Gondia.
  • 2001- G.E.S. High School, Dahegaon, (Mines), Tal. Lakhandur.
  • 2004- Manoharbhai Patel Military School.
  • 2004- Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Pharmacy (Degree).
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